Greetings from the future ;)

Hey Inkbots,

To say that it has been a long time since my last blog would be an understatement. So I'm just going to skip the formalities and say..."I'M BACK!"  

As of this post we have over seven different titles available for download, and most of them are FREE. So, if you'd like to take your favorite story on the road with you, or you'd just like to view our comics on a totally kick ass digital viewer, check it out:

If you happen to check us out by the end of September, DON'T BE ALARMED! The ridiculously awesome top of the line web site you are looking at is indeed We just got a much needed redesign ;)

Speaking of redesign, I hope you all had a chance to check out some of the new viewers we posted on titles such as Genesis, Revolvers, Womp, and Odessa. I also hope you checked out our art corner. We have lots of art available for your viewing pleasure.

In case my hiatus put you off from visiting the site (because I'm that awesome), don't fret. I'm here to give you an awesome overview of what you missed, and more importantly what you should check out ;)

Tales of Elfric and Veldran

If you're a fan of tales of wizards and assassins, and lets face it who isn't, then you're in luck. Our third online novel "Elfric and Veldran" has three excellent chapters up...AND they are all pretty much self contained. So feel free to start at whichever chapter you'd like. Its like Lord of the Rings meets Twilight Zone (pretty clever huh)!

American Ambition

For that last few months our hilarious superhero saga, American Ambition, has been posting single strip funnies on a weekly basis. Well brace yourself, because not only is American Ambition now posting multiple pages a week, but they are also full sized pages! So, if you're a fan of the former American Ambition monthly, Best of the West, but you also like the instant laughs brought to you by the weeklies, well now you have the best of both worlds. So go...CHECK IT OUT :)

Odessa: An ugly little war

In my last blog I was plugging the debut of Odessa #6. Well, now not only is issue 6 up, but so is issue 7. And if that's not enough for you, the finale of this arc, dubbed "An ugly little war," will be posting in just a few weeks. SO GET TO READING ALREADY! The new civil war is heating up, and you don't want to be caught with your pants down (I have no clue what I mean by that). 

Allen Shrugged:

Are you a fan of Anthony Bourdain? Or do you just like to travel? Well then you'll absolutely LOVE Allen Shrugged. In his newest arc he takes us through Europe while recounting all the hilarious details of his adventurous honeymoon.


If you've been following mallville, or you checked out our wicked annual, then you probably asked yourself "How would this dysfunctional cast of super powered teens function in a normal school?" Well, now's your chance to find out! In the newest mallville arc, dubbed MAD DOG'S EXODUS (by me anyway), Mad Dog finds himself thrown out of school and in search of a new one (trust me, it's hilarious).


His world was destroyed. His family was killed. And now, he comes face to face with the culprits. Check out Genesis....seriously! 

Well, that is all for now. But I promise to post another blog by Monday. And I promise to include a funny story in it as well.

Cheers ;P

INKBOT INVADES THE 2011 PHILLY CON ...and many other things :)

Hey Inkbots,

I want to thank you all for celebrating our one year anniversary with us. Our first annual, "Crisis on Infinite Inkbots" was a huge success. But, with great success comes great responsibility. Fortunately we wrote the book on being responsible...yeah, I don't know what that means either. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that thanks to you guys we no longer have to draw our comics on anyone's garage door, because we've now staked our place in the sand and built a site worthy of the world's attention.  

In case you missed it!
Two weeks ago we posted the sixth issue of Odessa titled "An Ugly Little War." A week ago we posted the newest update to Revolvers. Next week we're debuting a new online novel called "A Killers Tale." And every week we post updates to American Ambition, mallville, Womp, Allen Shrugged, and Genesis :)

The Beauty of Accessibility 
These past few months we have been trying to come up with ways to make our titles more accessible. I mean sure sitting in front of a screen all day is fun, but  there has to be another way to read web comics right? Well, as of today I am proud to announce that all of our weeklies have been converted to HTML format, which means that they can now be viewed on all of your digital devices. However, if an HTML viewer is just not your thing, then don't fret. The majority of our titles are also available for download through Which means that not only can you view your favorite inkbot title on a viewer especially designed for digital reading, but you can also own it!

This weekend (June 17,18, and 19) we will be present at the 2011 Philly Con! And just to give a taste of what you can expect ....

No wait, don't be offended. Allow me to explain. If you recognize this strip, or you are oddly amused by it, then you will be happy to know that  the American Ambition team will be premiering their insanely funny new book "This is not porn!" That's right! This is not porn (I love typing it) is a collection of all of American Ambition's most memorable strips, including a few that have yet to be released (well....depending on when you read this). 

Of course there will be other titles available for purchase along with LOTS OF FREE STUFF! So, don't be shy. Stop by table 728 and say hello :)

Philly Con Location & Schedule
This year's Philly Con will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on June 17,18, and 19. 
Below is a copy of our meet and greet schedule. 

Friday June 17th, 2011 (Table 728)
12- 5 pm:  Jan Velazquez & Christian Rubiano (Zomboy, Genesis, The Blue Bullet)

Saturday June 18th 2011 (Table 728)
10-1pm: Louie Chin & Christian Rubiano (Odessa, Womp)
1- 4 pm: Clay Graham & Gary Cohen (Revolvers, American Ambition, mallville)
4-7 pm:  Jan Velazquez & Brent Martone (Zomboy, Revolvers, American Ambition)  

Sunday June 18th 2011 (Table 728)
10-12pm: Louie Chin & Gary Cohen (Odessa, Womp, mallville)
12- 3pm: Brent Martone & Christian Rubiano (Revolvers, AA, Genesis, Odessa)
3-5pm: Clay Graham & Jan Velazquez (Revolvers, AA, Genesis, Zomboy)

We hope to see you there :)

K spotlight and a huge debut!

Hey Inkbots,

I hope you've been enjoying our month long celebration. So far we've debuted our new HTML viewer for both mallville and Womp. We have also debuted my new online novel "Outside My Window." 

Cheap plug: 

K spotlight:

I have a confession to make. I know very little about the steam punk genre. As a matter of fact, outside from our wonderful steam punk title Revolvers (which can be read through our main page) I have never read a steam punk title. Well, if there's one thing K has done, it has made me envious of all those who have had a chance to experience its fantastical Victorian world of frost-filled engines, guns, and machines. It has also lit a fire under my ass to find the title's creator Brent Martone an animator, because the thought of someone overlooking it simply because there are more words on the page than pictures makes me angry. AND YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY (I'm sorry I couldn't help myself). Still, I should mention that there is hope as the number of K's fans are continuing to grow. But, I for one am not content with such an amazing title simply playing second fiddle to the rest of our comics. No, I feel K deserves to be mentioned along with  our top titles. It also deserves to be recognized as exactly the type of experience we hope to deliver with our online novels. With that said, all this means nothing if I don't introduce you to the characters...well at least as how I see them :)

K: K is a boy genius who has invented some of most amazing mechanical feats of his time. He has the constant pressure of not only living up to his legendary reputation, but in surpassing it. K is also a "wanted" man, as the crown's police and/or military seeks his services whenever they are in a bind, which seems to be more often than he would like. 

Leftenant Sherman Rowle is a talented field alchemist, who is a member of the Coldstream Guards, which I assume is a portion of the military that involves alchemy. Rowle is also a well-mannered, well-intentioned officer, which ironically makes him extraordinary for the time. In the beginning of the story, Rowle's job is simply to escort K to London. But when he catches the attention of the celebrity prodigy, his life becomes a bit more complicated, and thus much more interesting :)


Huge Debut: 

The first part of Odessa: Issue Zero, titled "An Ugly Little War" posts on Wednesday May 25th. And as the title suggests, ITS GOING TO BE CRAZY!

Odessa: Issue Zero will detail all the events leading up to the first page of Odessa Issue one. So, if you have no clue what I'm talking about...GO LOOK AT IT! :) Issue zero will also shed some light into the origins of the Confederate Death Squad and the relationship between Sam and Ryan. It will also serve as a great bridge between issues 1-5 and issue 9, which should launch sometime in the fall.

Peace out!



Hey Inkbots,

Next week marks the beginning of the three week celebration of Inkbot's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and as a token of our gratitude, we have lots of exciting things planned for you :)

On Monday, May 9th, we will post the next chapter of one of our most popular steam punk titles, K!

K is an amazing online novel written by the uber talented Brent Martone (one half of the team behind Revolvers and American Ambition)! 

Also on May 9th, we will premiere our new easy to use web comic viewer with one of the funniest weekly strips on the web, mallville!

"mallville" is a hilarious weekly strip about a high school filled with teenage superheroes. 

May 16th, 2011- WELCOME TO INSANITY!
On May 16th, 2011 we will debut our new online novel "Outside My Window!"

Outside My Window is a "dramedy" about a young man who works as a nurse in a psychiatric facility. The artwork for the book is done by the UK's own Mark Beer (Check out some of his Zelda/IGN work at this 
link: and it is written by yours truly :)

May 23rd, 2011- THE RETURN OF ODESSA!
On May 23rd we will debut the first issue of Odessa's new three issue mini arc "An Ugly Little War!"

An Ugly Little War details all the events that led to the killing of Samuel Cooke. It also sheds some light on the origins of the new 'Civil War" and the "Confederate Death Squad." Odessa is a historical fiction based on the premise "What if the Nazis won WWII, and what if Americans helped them do it?"

May 23rd also marks the official debut of the Inkbot Art Corner!

The Inkbot Art Corner will be a place where Inkbot artists can post finished or un-finished pieces to their online portfolio for your viewing pleasure :) 

On May 30th we cap off our three week celebration with the debut of our first Inkbot Annual called "CRISIS ON INFINITE INKBOTS!" The cover for this annual will be drawn by Revolvers own Clay Graham, but the book will feature artwork from all of your favorite Inkbot artists!

We hope you take part in the celebration by checking out all our weekly updates and posting your thoughts on all the comment sections.

Finally I'll leave you with this great piece done by Odessa's Louie Chin, in celebration of this joyous event!

This all wouldn't be possible with out you, our fans :)

frost-bit (poem)

Ashes form clouds over the snow covered ground,
that rain dreams of a man who has never been found,
who has never been searched for,
but who has watched himself drown,
while his friends fight back tears in hopes of holding him up.

But his heart is too heavy, 
and he has broken his crown,
so his nightmares spill out and take control of the world.

Now his mother's the queen, 
taking more than she gives,
parading around with the dreams that he often kept hidden.

And his soul's in the streets,
hungry and looking for shelter,
ready to sell its allegiance to the first one that helps.

But the first one's too nice, 
and next one's too mean,
but the third is just right, 
they only want him to scream,
they only want him to dance, 
they just don't want him to think,
because his thoughts would bring light to the illusions they use.

And yes, they need their illusions,
because they too were once lost,
until they found that no purpose was the purpose that works,

But the world's now a monster,
its walls are lined with his nightmares,
and recent pictures of his mother, the dysfunctional queen.

So now he wants to escape,
he tries his best to scream louder,
he tries his best to dance faster,
he tries his best to strut prouder,
but still his balance gives way to weight of his world.

Alas his demons catch up...
before his loved ones could find him.



Hey Inkbots,

Since we’re all getting ready for the NYC Mocca festival I figured now would be a good time to post our event schedule for this weekend, as well as a preview of what you can expect :)

Saturday, April 9th, 2011 
11-1pm:  Christian Rubiano & Jan Velazquez (Zomboy, Genesis, The Blue Bullet)
1-3pm: Christian Rubiano & Louie Chin (Odessa, Womp)
3-4pm: Gary Cohen & Allen Yuen (mallville, Allen Shrugged)
4-6pm: Brent Martone & Clay Graham (Revolvers, American Ambition, K)

Sunday, April 9th, 2011
11-1pm: Christian Rubiano & Jan Velazquez (Zomboy, Genesis, The Blue Bullet)
1pm-2pm: Christian Rubiano & Louie Chin (Odessa, Womp)
2pm- 3pm: Christian Rubiano & Allen Yuen (Genesis, Allen Shrugged)
3-5pm: Brent Martone & Clay Graham (Revolvers, American Ambition, K)
5-6pm: Christian Rubiano & Louie Chin (Odessa, Womp)

Below is a list of just some of the exciting things you can expect to find at our table!
LOTS OF FREE GIVEAWAYS  (pens, posters, postcards, stickers, etc…)
COMMISSIONED ART from all of your favorite Inkbot artists.
BOOKS FOR SALE including…Revolvers One shot  (show exclusive)
                                                    Zomboy issues 1 & 2 
                                                    Odessa Graphic Novel 
                                                    Louie Chin’s Womp Collection Vol. 1 
                                                    Allen Shrugged Collection Vol. 1

Below is a diagram of where we are on the convention floor :)

Finally, if you’re not sure where the show is, and you’re too lazy to google it (it happens), here’s the dates and location of NYC’s 2011 Mocca Festival:

MoCCA Fest 2011!
A Fundraiser for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art-MoCCA
Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 11am-6pm
At the Lexington Avenue Armory
68 Lexington Ave (Between 25th &26th Streets)
New York City

See you this weekend Inkbots!
Follow me on twitter: @Inkbot01


No puedo dormir (poem)

The little children on the train
are praying for the winds of change
till it blows them off and takes away
the very lives they hoped to gain

The little children on the train
are staring at the passing planes
They're wishing they could fly away
till the train brakes hard and ends their day

The little children on the train
our singing our their loved ones names
till the men get mad and end the game
by taking all their smiles away

Dear little children on the train
just scream until we hear your names
and cry until you flood our plains
but please get off that fucking train

Lots of changes, lots of updates

Hey Inkbots,

This has been a crazy week for me personally and professionally, but this site, and all of your support has helped me through it :)

Tell us what you think!
Starting next week we will have comments sections up for all of our titles. Now, I know some of you may be thinking that "its about time," but in truth we kept it that way in hopes that more of you would participate in the forum discussion. Still, we look forward to hearing from you guys. So please don't be shy. Feel free to tell us how much you love us or hate us (I swear, its okay).

With the launch of the comments section come a slew of big title releases. This Monday we will post an update to one of our most popular Steampunk novels "K," along with updates to mallville and Womp! Then on Wednesday, we post an update to THE most popular Steampunk title on the site, Revolvers, as well as updates to Genesis, American Ambition, and Allen Shrugged.

The launch of a new era
If there's one thing that defines this site, aside from our high quality titles, its our consistent update schedule. We are one of the very few web comic sites that update multiple titles on a weekly basis. And this past Monday we introduced a new title to the family, Genesis.

Genesis is my attempt at crafting an edgy, mostly silent, post apocalyptic tale, where the main character is a combination of the environment and the story's "protagonist." Genesis is also my attempt at bringing another dimension to our weekly update schedule. So now we can honestly say that we have something for everybody :)

We're only a week away from the 2011 Mocca Festival, which means that if you are in the tri-state area, you'll have a chance to meet your favorite Inkbot artists, as well as several other talented creators in the independent circuit.

Art Corner
I know I promised that the Inkbot Art Corner would be up this week, but we wanted to make sure that it was perfect before launching it. So, expect it to be up by Monday, April 11th (no if, ands, or buts) :)

That's right. If you own any kind of smart phone or digital pad, then you can own some of your favorite Inkbot titles in just a few days! Also, to celebrate this joyous occasion we will be offering some of our titles FOR FREE! 

Finally, as a little token of our appreciation, here's another sample of some of the great artwork that will be featured on the Inkbot Art Corner (p.s. one of them is the cover to my new online novel)


More random thoughts, announcements, and chat with me on Twitter!

Hey Inkbots,

2011 Mocca Festival 
On April 9th and 10th, about two weeks from today, we will be at The New York City Mocca Festival. It is the big apple's largest annual celebration of Independent comics, and it features some of the biggest independent comic book creators on the planet including Paul Pope, Jaime Hernandez, Frank Miller, and of course THE INKBOT CREW! The Mocca Festival is also a great place for fans to meet and greet with some of their favorite artists, and to sample some of the best of what the American independent market has to offer. So, with that in mind, what are some of things that we, here at, have in store for you? 

At the 2011 Mocca Festival fans of will have a chance to meet and greet with some of their favorite Inkbot creators including: Zomboy and The Blue Bullet's Jan Velazquez, Odessa's Louie Chin, Allen Shrugged's Allen Yuen, Revolvers Clay Graham and Brent Martone, and mallville's Gary Cohen (just to name a few)! Our table will also feature several high quality prints for sale, as well as FREE GIVEAWAYS AND commissioned arc. So if you always wanted Revolver's Clay Graham to draw a picture of you beating the living hell out of Johnny Raiker with a screwdriver, here's your chance ;)

BTW, just in case you're wondering which prints will be available, here is the list of what we have planned.
Odessa Graphic Novel (Contains all five issues of Odessa's first Arc)
Exclusive Revolvers One shot (contains a brand new Revolvers story, which is not available on the site)
Zomboy 1 & 2 (contains the first two issues of Zomboy's first arc)
Allen Shrugged Collection (Contains some of Allen's most memorable strips including commentary by the man himself)
Womp Collection (Contains the first twenty three strips of Louie Chin's Womp)

So again, if you're in the New York Area, make sure you stop by, tip over our table, tell us how much you hate us, or just chat with us about comics ;)

New look for Odessa
For the Odessa Graphic Novel Louie Chin redesigned a lot of the pages in issues one through five. So, in the coming weeks make sure you check back and read some of your favorite Odessa issues, as there may be a few hidden surprises in the art ;) 

Art Corner- we are still in the process of developing an Inkbot Art Corner, which will be a place where Inkbot artists can post tons of finished and unfinished pieces, and where you, the viewer, can post your opinions about them. We expect to be finished with the design by the end of the week. So expect an official announcement, regarding its launch, by the early part of next week ;)

Inkbot stores- Starting next week we will begin adding some more of your favorite titles to the Inkbot store. With that said, the stores for Revolvers, American Ambition, Allen Shrugged, and Zomboy are now up. So make sure you check them out. AND, as an added bonus, if you wear a t-shirt to any of the conventions that we attend, we will hook you up with some exclusive Inkbot stuff ;)

Great Podcast
If you're a die hard Scifi fan, or like I, just enjoy a good entertainment podcast, then you'll certainly enjoy The Sci fi Saturday Night podcast. About a month ago, yours truly did an interview with them regarding the site and our philosophy on comics, and since then they have had the cast of Firefly's Brown Coat Redemption, discussed and debated the pros and cons of technological advances, and featured read alouds from some of the genre's biggest authors. So again, if you have some time on your hands, or you just enjoy listening to something while you work, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT:

Honestly, with my writing schedule I can only commit to posting a blog a week. However, with twitter I can chat with people, post my ridiculous rants, and forward some of my favorite articles at any time. So, if you've been a fan of some of the ridiculous, or not so ridiculous things I have posted on my blog, or you just want to chat about comics, the site, or well...anything, then hit me up @Inkbot01

Monday, March 28th...ITS COMING!!!
That's right, next Monday marks the debut of Jan and I's new weekly stripped called Genesis. And in case you missed last week's blog, here's a preview of what you can expect:

Enough reading!
In celebration of the soon to launch Inkbot Art Corner I figured I'd give you another taste of what you can expect ;)

Until next week ;P

hello there (few thoughts)

Hey Inkbots,

Its been a week since my last confession, but I'm confident I can get back to posting a blog at least three times a week (I sound like a recovering alcoholic at this point). Still, if its of any consolation, I have a couple of nice things to show you ( yeah, now I just sound like a dirty old man) ;)

Two weeks ago we posted the final issue of Zomboy's first arc, and in my opinion, it was a good one. For the first time in the whole series we really got a chance to experience the father/son relationship shared between Zomboy and Bob, and we also got a taste of what else our favorite zombie is capable of.

Btw: As a token of our friendship, here's a nice little pic of the cover for issues 3 and 4. 

What can I say except WOW! Here I am thinking that Louie is just your random, run of the mill, amazingly talented artist who likes to draw restaurants blowing up when out of nowhere he hits us with some of the most introspective strips ever featured on the site ;) 

Allen Shrugged;
Speaking of introspective, Allen Shrugged is just amazing. There's really not much else to say except, stop reading this blog right now and check it out ;)

Art Corner: In a few weeks we will be opening up an Art Corner here on the site which will allow Inkbot artists to post several finished and unfinished works of theirs for your amusement. Now, just so you don't think that they're only going to post a slew of nicely colored stick figures, here's a snippet of what you can expect:

FINALLY on March 28th 2011....ITS COMING!!!

And just to let you know that this isn't just a blatant rip of the Undertaker's return, two weeks ago on RAW, here's a sample of what I'm talking about ;)

See you in a couple of days Inkbots!

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